Holding Peach in One Hand

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this February

January is over already. How are your New Years resolutions coming along? If you haven’t started yet, get your skates on. There are only 28 days in this month, it will be over before you know it. Why don’t you make your resolution to eat…

5 February 2018
Handful of Green Beans

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this January

Happy New Year! Last year was AWESOME and I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring.  – Lots of international travel I hope! Something else to look forward to is the incredible variety of fruits and vegetables in season in January. This week, raspberries cost…

2 January 2018
Summer Berries on Straw
Summer Recipes

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this December

Summer is here! Although it didn’t sneak up on me by any means. Like a true pasty white girl, I’ve been sunburnt almost daily over the past few weeks. However there is much to look forward to this summer… Summer brings with it juicy apricots, blackberries, raspberries,…

3 December 2017
Green Beans

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this November

Hey guys! I love that every November, the jacaranda trees appear seemingly out of nowhere and paint Sydney in splashes of lavender. These beautiful jacaranda trees are on McDougall Street, Kirribilli, not too far from the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.  If you plan on visiting this…

2 November 2017
Farmers Market Strawberries in Brugge, Belgium
Nutrition Spring

In Season this October: Strawberries

STRAWBERRY FACTS ORIGIN It comes as no surprise that this love heart-shaped berry originated from one of the most romantic countries in the world, France. Where did the name ‘strawberry’ come from? Some say it was because they were originally sold like kebabs, impaled on straws. Others say…

10 October 2017
Tray of Cucumbers
Spring Recipes

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this October

October has snuck up on me yet again. Today I picked the first peas of the season straight from my garden. Nothing beats fresh juicy peas picked straight from the plant! Seriously, you would never hear anyone raving about the peas from their freezer, but…

2 October 2017
White Asparagus in a Wooden Box
Spring Recipes

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this September

I can’t believe that spring is here once again and…the seasonal dietitian blog is celebrating its first birthday today! A year ago today I created this blog with a mission to inspire people to eat in-season fruits and vegetables. Thank you to anyone who took the…

1 September 2017
Avocados in a Box
Winter Recipes

In Season this August: Avocado

AVOCADO FACTS ORIGIN Avocado is technically a fruit (not a vegetable!) that is native to Central America. TASTE I think the yellow-green avocado flesh tastes a bit like olive oil or green peas but has a spreadable consistency similar to butter. Just don’t eat the large…

30 August 2017
Kiwifruit on a Wooden Table
Winter Recipes

In Season this August: Kiwifruit

I hate the term ‘superfoods’. Often someone with marketing sense has just: a) found a fruit/veg/grain in an exotic sounding country b) put it in a hipster package c) pointed out its nutritional benefits d) put a premium price tag on it Local seasonal produce…

29 August 2017
Box of Homegrown Mandarins
Winter Recipes

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this August

It is the last month of winter and spring is just around the corner. I am often guilty of wanting to skip winter. However here I am reminding myself to cherish each day, even the cold ones. It is time to slow cook some delicious…

1 August 2017