Rachel Ananin

Cropped photo for about me pageHi! I am The Seasonal Dietitian, aka Rachel Ananin to my family and friends. I am a Dietitian based in Sydney, Australia.

Let’s get this straight. First and foremost I am a foodie. I admit that I am one of those people who takes photos of their food in cafes to post them on Instagram. I have also travelled to cities in Western Europe just because their names sounded like food (I am talking about you Bologna and Parma).

Most of all I get excited about the seasons. In Spring I look forward to peas growing in my garden and eating them straight from the plants. In Summer I can’t wait to buy boxes of cherries and mangoes from the vans on the side of the road. In Autumn you can’t stop me from picking the most crispy and tasty apples straight from the orchards. In Winter I am comforted by baking, hot drinks and central heating.

If you want to find healthy recipes to make your Instagram followers jealous and science-based nutrition advice then you have come to the right place my friend.

Rachel xo