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Green Beans

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this November

Hey guys! I love that every November, the jacaranda trees appear seemingly out of nowhere and paint Sydney in splashes of lavender. These beautiful jacaranda trees are on McDougall Street, Kirribilli, not too far from the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.  If you plan on visiting this…

2 November 2017
Farmers Market Strawberries in Brugge, Belgium
Nutrition Spring

In Season this October: Strawberries

STRAWBERRY FACTS ORIGIN It comes as no surprise that this love heart-shaped berry originated from one of the most romantic countries in the world, France. Where did the name ‘strawberry’ come from? Some say it was because they were originally sold like kebabs, impaled on straws. Others say…

10 October 2017
Swiss Alps
Nutrition Travel

Top 5 Healthy Habits to Learn from the Swiss

Switzerland had to be in my top two European countries that I visited this time last year. Why I love Switzerland: It is UNBELIEVABLY beautiful! Super friendly locals I felt incredibly healthy I had no choice but to feel wonderful while I was in…

23 May 2017
Charming Buildings Next to a Canal in Amsterdam
Nutrition Travel

Top 5 Healthy Habits to Learn from the Dutch

What do you think of when I mention ‘the Dutch’…little girls wearing aprons, plaited hair, clogs and white pointy hats? I honestly didn’t know very much about the Dutch either before I visited the Netherlands.  I don’t claim to be an expert on the Dutch, but…

6 March 2017
Nutrition Summer

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this February

I hope that you all had a lovely Australia day! It was great to see so many Aussies at the beach with their portable BBQs despite the overcast weather. I had a very traditional Aussie breakfast which consisted of a bacon and egg sandwich, followed…

1 February 2017
Nutrition Summer

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this January

I didn’t feel like I had accomplished much in 2016. However, when I was flicking through my 2016 calendar I realised how much I had achieved. Twenty-sixteen was my first year out of uni. I had three different jobs and I travelled around Europe for…

1 January 2017
Nutrition Summer

Fruits & Vegetables in Season in Sydney this December

Summer didn’t hesitate to announce its arrival yesterday. It was 30 degrees Celsius in Sydney! Fortunately it is like Narnia in my office – Winter all year long, so I didn’t have to sweat it out all day. Avocados, loquats, youngberries, mulberries and grapefruits…

2 December 2016
Vegetables in Season in November
Nutrition Spring

Fruits & Vegetables in Season in Sydney this November

Hey all! I can’t believe that it’s already the last month of Spring! If you haven’t planted your tomatoes and cukes for Summer, then hightail it to Bunnings and pick up your seedlings already. This week I have noticed that strawberries are expensive again…

1 November 2016