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Spring Recipes

Tray of Cucumbers
Spring Recipes

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this October

October has snuck up on me yet again. Today I picked the first peas of the season straight from my garden. Nothing beats fresh juicy peas picked straight from the plant! Seriously, you would never hear anyone raving about the peas from their freezer, but…

2 October 2017
White Asparagus in a Wooden Box
Spring Recipes

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this September

I can’t believe that spring is here once again and…the seasonal dietitian blog is celebrating its first birthday today! A year ago today I created this blog with a mission to inspire people to eat in-season fruits and vegetables. Thank you to anyone who took the…

1 September 2017
Homemade Yoghurt
Recipes Spring Recipes

Homemade Yoghurt

Making food from scratch fascinates me. It all started when I made my own ricotta. It was quicker (and cheaper!) to make my own ricotta than to drive to the store and buy it. It also tasted much better and contained no additives.   This brings me…

19 November 2016
Mango and Date Bircher Muesli
Recipes Spring Recipes

Mango & Date Bircher Muesli

All of a sudden the weather turned this week and it was too warm to eat my current favourite breakfast; porridge. The time has come to dig out my favourite bircher muesli recipe. Strangely, most bircher muesli recipes call for apples and apple juice, which is not in…

12 November 2016
Wholemeal Wheat Blini
Recipes Spring Recipes

Wholemeal Wheat Blini (Russian Crepes) and Orange Grove Market

Whenever I travel, I always look for the local markets. I have been to markets all over Australia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, New Caledonia and Thailand (to name a few!). Thankfully my favourite market is located conveniently close to my house; Orange Grove Market in Lilyfield, Sydney…

5 November 2016
Recipes Spring Recipes

Healthy 1-Minute Chai Latte

My mind has been blown! Chai lattes can be good for you. All this time I have been limiting my chai latte consumption to special occasions only because this beverage is generally made using sugary syrups or powders. Before you say anything, I realise that I could…

23 October 2016
Recipes Spring Recipes

Steamed Green Beans with Pork Mince

Have you ever been to Taste of Shanghai restaurant in Ashfield? It is so good that each time I go I end up requesting the same dishes to share with the table; I never end up trying anything new. One of my favourite dishes…

23 September 2016
Strawberries and Ricotta on Wholemeal Sourdough
Spring Recipes

Strawberries and Ricotta on Wholemeal Sourdough Toast

I’m not going to lie.  The fruits in season this September don’t excite me greatly.  It might have something to do with all of the citrus fruits and the fact that my medicine as a child tasted like oranges. Fortunately for me, strawberries are…

2 September 2016