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Fruits & Vegetables in Season in Sydney this October

4 October 2016
Vegetables in Season in October

I can’t believe that it is already October! I have planted my veggies in the garden and I get excited every time I see a little seedling pop out of the soil.

I am also excited by the new fruits and vegetables that are coming into season!

This month we say goodbye to some of my favourite fruits including apples and lemons. The good news is that mangoes are back in season! I’m sure that many Sydney-siders would agree that there are two main reasons to live in Sydney: #1 beaches and #2 mangoes. I am not kidding, our mangoes are that good and I have never tasted a mango in another country that even comes close. Other fruits that taste their best in October include blueberries, bananas, valencia oranges, avocados, passionfruits and melons. 

Fruits in Season in October

Seasonal broccoli and carrots are coming to an end. Vegetables that are now coming into season include zucchinis, cucumbers and watercress. So switch those carrot sticks for cucumber sticks in your lunchbox and dig out your tried and true zucchini slice recipe because October is here!


Vegetables in Season in October















Happy eating!


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