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Fruits & Vegetables in Season this December

3 December 2017
Summer Berries on Straw

Summer is here! Although it didn’t sneak up on me by any means. Like a true pasty white girl, I’ve been sunburnt almost daily over the past few weeks. However there is much to look forward to this summer…

Summer brings with it juicy apricots, blackberries, raspberries, grapes, red & white currants, peaches, lychees, nectarines and strawberries. Fruits no longer at their peak include avocados, loquats, youngberries, mulberries and grapefruits.

Fruit Seasonal Infographic December

Some amazing summer veggies are coming into season, including: capsicums, butter beans, celery, eggplants, mushrooms, radishes, flat beans and onions. That means that we say goodbye to these spring veggies: silverbeet, potatoes, green onions, asian greens, celeriac, zucchini flowers, globe artichokes, spring onions and chillies.

Vegetable Seasonal Infographic December


Let me know, which summer fruit or vegetable is your favourite? 

Happy eating!


Seasonal produce guide credit (click on link to see original source): Sydney Markets.

Photo credits (click on links to see original sources): apricotsblackberriesraspberriesgrapesstrawberrieslycheesnectarinespeachesred & white currantsbananasblueberries, cherriesmangoesmelonsvalencia orangespaw pawspapayaspassionfruitspineapplesasparagusgreen beansflat beansbutter beanscapsicumcelerycucumberseggplantlettucemushroomsonionspeasradishesspinachsweetcorntomatoeswatercresszucchinis.

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