Fruits & Vegetables in Season this February

5 February 2018
Holding Peach in One Hand

January is over already. How are your New Years resolutions coming along? If you haven’t started yet, get your skates on. There are only 28 days in this month, it will be over before you know it.

Why don’t you make your resolution to eat all the delicious summer fruits this February while you still can. Savour that peach juice dripping down your arms as you eat it because it won’t happen again until December. Apricots, mangoes, cherries, bananas and paradise pears are no longer in season. However we have some cool fruits that are coming into season to take their place including figs, mangosteens, Howell pears and prickly pears. 

Fruits in Season in February Infographic

This month we say goodbye to asparagus and potatoes which are no longer at their best. Vegetables coming into season this February include snake beans, chokos, chillies and squash. 

Vegetables in Season in February Infographic

What’s your favourite summer fruit or vegetable?

Happy eating!

– Rachel

Seasonal produce guide credit (click on link to see original source): Sydney Markets.

Photo credits (click on links to see original sources): avocadosblackberriesraspberriesgrapesstrawberrieslimeslycheesnectarinespeachesblueberries, figsmangosteenshowell pearsprickly pearsmelonsplumsvalencia orangespassionfruitspineapplesrambutanswilliams peargreen beansflat beansbutter beanscapsicumcelerycucumberseggplantlettucemushroomsokraonionspeasradishesspinachsnake beanschokoschilliessquashsweetcorntomatoeszucchinis.

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