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In Season this August: Avocado

30 August 2017
Avocados in a Box



Avocado is technically a fruit (not a vegetable!) that is native to Central America.


I think the yellow-green avocado flesh tastes a bit like olive oil or green peas but has a spreadable consistency similar to butter. Just don’t eat the large seed and leathery skin.


  • To slow down ripening, store them in the fridge.
  • To speed up ripening put them in a paper bag with a banana (the ethylene gas encourages ripening).
  • If you only plan on using half the avocado, use the half without the seed first. Then leave the seed in the other half and squeeze lemon juice over the exposed avocado flesh. Leaving the seed in reduces the exposure to oxygen and the lemon juice slows down the enzyme activity to help minimise browning. You can also pop these avocado halves into the freezer in a sealed zip-lock bag for 3 months if you don’t plan on using them soon.


  • To check if an avocado is ripe, remove the stem, if it is yellow inside it is ripe! A ripe avocado shouldn’t feel rock hard. When squeezed gently it should give a little.
  • Cut the avocado in half (cutting carefully around the seed), remove the seed using a spoon. Then use a large spoon to scoop out the flesh. Slice, dice or mash the avocado and eat it raw. Check out this link to see how Jamie Oliver prepares an avocado.


Avocado on a Wooden Table

If you eat just 1/4 of a large avocado (or 60g or 1/2 small avo) you will get:

  • 2 serves of fat for the day (women get 2 serves per day, men get 4).
  • Heart healthy monounsaturated fats – unlike butter, avocados contain more of the heart healthy fats and less of the bad saturated fats.
  • At least 10% of your daily Vitamin E intake.
  • More potassium than you would find in 1 small banana!
  • A source of fibre, folate, iron… just to name a few!
  • Just be careful as they are calorie dense due to their high fat content, so keep portions to 1/4 avocado.


  •  You can make an avocado rose.
    • Check out this 1 minute video to find out how!
  • Did you know that you can grow an avocado from a seed?
    • That’s right, I used the seed from a supermarket avocado and it grew into a tree which is now taller than me. The only downfall, it is unlikely to produce fruit or at least not the quality that we expect. Just as you are not an exact copy of your mother, you are a mix of both your parents, the same principle applies to avocados. The only way to get the same type of avocado is to take a branch from one avocado tree and graft it into the rootstock of another tree.
    • Check out this video to find out how to grow your own avocado tree from seed.


  • Cut it up and toss it into your favourite salad.
  • Smashed avo on toast – This list wouldn’t be complete without this Aussie fav. I like to put tomato, crumbled feta cheese, salt and paprika on mine. Delish!
  • Guacamole – Use a fork to mash up some avocados, then add salt and garlic oil (or fresh garlic) to taste. To make some healthy chips, just slice wholemeal Lebanese bread into wedges, put them on a baking tray and bake until crispy. Too easy!Homemade Guacamole and Lebanese Bread Chips

Have you got any delicious avocado recipe ideas? Let us know!

Happy eating!

– Rachel

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