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In Season this August: Kiwifruit

29 August 2017
Kiwifruit on a Wooden Table

I hate the term ‘superfoods’. Often someone with marketing sense has just:

a) found a fruit/veg/grain in an exotic sounding country

b) put it in a hipster package

c) pointed out its nutritional benefits

d) put a premium price tag on it

Local seasonal produce is JUST AS NUTRITIOUS as ‘superfoods’ in many cases and saves you $$$.

Why are we paying to import exotic products from halfway across the world that are not fresh and not necessarily more nutritious than the produce at home?

Let’s take a look at a fruit that you probably take for granted but is just as super as any goji berry or acai bowl.


KIWIFRUIT FACTSKiwifruit at the Markets


Also known as the Chinese gooseberry, the kiwifruit was introduced to New Zealand in the early 20th century.


I think that green kiwifruit tastes as if a pineapple and a green grape had a baby, and that baby was covered in fur. Don’t let my description put you off, it is actually more tasty than it sounds. The yellow kiwifruit is less furry and is not as tart, it has a more tropical flavour that reminds me of passionfruit.


  • Kiwifruit tastes best when firm, so store them in the fridge so they last longer. Or keep them on the bench near your bananas (which release ethylene gas) if you want them to ripen faster.


  • Cut the kiwifruit in half and scoop out the flesh using a spoon.
  • Eat it, skin and all for some added fibre, if you don’t mind the fuzzy feeling that is! Just make sure that you give it a rinse first.
  • Peel the kiwifruit and slice it or cut it into wedges to put in a fruit salad.


If you eat just 1 green kiwifruit with the skin on you will get:

  • Your ENTIRE daily requirement for vitamin C

1 kiwifruit contains more Vit C than a small orange!

  • A boost of antioxidants to reduce oxidative cell damage
  • Roughly 10% of your estimated daily vitamin E and potassium requirements
  • A boost of other essential vitamins, minerals and fibre!


  • Click on this link to find out how to carve a lotus flower from a kiwifruit in less than 1 minute. It really works! Here is how mine turned out.Kiwifruit Lotus Flower


  • Eat it as is.
  • Add it to a fruit salad or fruit platter.
  • With yoghurt – try Chobani kiwifruit yoghurt for something different!Chobani Kiwifruit Yoghurt with Real Kiwifruit on Top
  • On a pavlova – A pav just isn’t complete without kiwifruit IMO (in my opinion).

Have you got any delicious kiwifruit recipe ideas? Let us know!

Happy eating!

– Rachel

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