Waffle French Toast with Bananas, Walnuts and Maple Syrup
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Easy Waffle French Toast

This recipe sounds complicated but it is really TOO EASY.  It is simply French toast cooked in a waffle iron to give it those waffle dimples that hold the maple syrup oh so well. This recipe is also healthy (just don’t go too crazy…

6 May 2017
Bunches of Dutch Carrots
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Fruits & Vegetables in Season this May

May is here already. Winter is just around the corner! I hope that you are making the most of the mild Autumn weather. I have been camping, hiking, apple picking, harvesting honey and …learning to surf. Not a typical Autumn activity but surprisingly the water was quite warm when wearing…

1 May 2017
Bag of Freshly Picked Apples
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Apple Picking in Bilpin

My absolute favourite way to spend a crisp Autumn day is to go apple picking. If you have never tried it then you are MISSING out! As a kid I hated apples…that was until I tried a FRESH, CRUNCHY apple picked straight from the tree. That is…

25 April 2017
Red Royal Gala Apples on a Wooden Board
Autumn Recipes

Fruits & Vegetables in Season this April

It is finally beginning to feel like Autumn. When I woke up on the very first morning of April, I could feel that the tiles were cold under my feet and the air smelled fresh and crisp. All of a sudden I am craving porridge for…

3 April 2017
Healthy chicken 'wings' or strips with a lemon wedge. Distance shot.
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Healthy Chicken ‘Wings’

 With all of this rainy weather I have been craving some comforting fried chicken wings.  To make this dish healthier (but just as tasty) I have used skinless chicken thigh fillets instead of chicken wings. Thigh fillets are just as moist as wings but…

24 March 2017
Cucumber, Tomato and Capsicum Salad
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Cucumber, Tomato & Red Capsicum Salad

This incredibly more-ish (and healthy!) salad is one of my mum’s most requested recipes. It is super refreshing as a side dish with your favourite BBQ steak. I’ll admit that on occasion we will add canned chickpeas and eat a huge bowl of this…

20 March 2017
Roasted Vegetables on a Baking Tray
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Easy Roasted Vegetables

I hate to waste food but I also love the challenge of creating something yummy out of the leftover ingredients in my fridge. I never know when I might accidentally create a new favourite recipe! Soups, casseroles and homemade pizzas are some of my favourite ways to use up the…

18 March 2017
Maple Mustard Chicken on a Baking Tray with a Red Check Tea Towel
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Maple Mustard Chicken

If you need a good recipe that is super quick and easy to whip together but also tastes AMAZING, then this recipe is for you. This chicken recipe is also low FODMAP. So if you have IBS (gut issues) you can thank me later! Maple…

15 March 2017